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www.hsy.fi is a network service maintained by the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY). The online service is published in Finnish, Swedish and English. There are shorter versions of the Finnish pages in Swedish and English.  We are sorry that not all content or services are available in Swedish or English and any inconvenience it may cause.

You can search for information by browsing topics or using word search. Each page has access to the search function as well as contact information and a feedback form.

The Site Print feature opens directly to the Print dialog box. When using the Print function, it only prints the main content of the page without the navigation structure.

Links on the site will open in a new browser window if the information is located on another site. You can return to HSY's site by closing the new window. To read pdf files on the site, you will need a free Acrobat Reader program that you can download from Adobe's site.


Visitor tracking

HSY monitors the usage volume and usage patterns of the web service by using Google Analytics or website's own analytics tool. The information is used to develop the online service. Information will be gathered on  the number of visitors, the time spent and the browser used, and the content which the visitor has visited. The use of cookies does not store any information that personalizes or identifies users. If you do not want Google Analytics to accrue information about your online services,  you can install an add-on  in your browser to prevent data being collected or use browser's incognito mode.

Youtube cookies

Our Youtube videos have privacy-enhanced mode enabled. Therefore YouTube won’t store information about our visitors, unless they play the video, according to the Google-Youtube guide.

Cookies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

There are social media feeds and share buttons on our website. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may use cookies to store information about our visitors, especially if they use the share buttons and share our pages on their social media accounts.

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Technical functionality

The site is responsive, so it scales to devices of different sizes. If the user's device resolution is small, the content will resize to one, two, or three columns. If the resolution is higher, there will be white margins on the site.

The site works best with Internet Explorer version 8.0 and newer Mozilla browsers and Firefox. The site uses cookies.


The rights to the material in the www.hsy.fi service belong to the Helsinki Region Environmental Services municipal authority unless otherwise stated. The content of the site can be freely linked.

Photographs, other artwork and maps are copyrighted by photographers, image creators, or HSY. The use of this material must always be agreed separately with HSY.


HSY is responsible for the content of the online service, which is kept as up-to-date as possible. We will try to correct the detected errors as soon as possible. However, HSY does not guarantee the accuracy of all content on these web pages at all times.

HSY will not be liable to any user or third party for any indirect or direct damages caused by any errors or omissions contained in this Site.  Nor shall HSY be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use or interpretation of the service.

These web pages have links to other web pages. HSY is not responsible for the content of such external websites or the functionality of links.

HSY strives to ensure that the service operates smoothly. However, HSY will not be liable for any malfunctions such as maintenance work, technical malfunctions, or other similar causes, nor interruption in communication connections or the Internet network.

HSY is not responsible for any damages caused by the site's operation or its failure to operate.

More information and feedback

For more information, please contact: viestinta (at) hsy.fi

You can give us feedback or ask questions through the site's Feedback function.