Frequently asked questions

Where does HSY advertise its open positions?

We advertise all open positions on our website. Depending on the positions, we publish them in magazines and websites suited to various open positions. 

How can I apply for working with HSY?

You can see all our open positions on our website. You can send your application directly to the position of your choice. In addition to this, our website has a so-called open application. By monitoring our job advertisements in different magazines and job advertisement websites you can find out more about our open positions.

What is an "open application form"? What kind of positions I can apply for with it?

Our open application form is a form you can fill in with your web browser in our recruiting system, which enables you to register as a job applicant in our database. Your application is valid for six months after you send it. 

How can I ensure that my application was delivered?

After you have delivered your application, the system will automatically send an email to you, confirming a successful delivery of the application. Technical disturbances may cause problems with the delivery. If you suspects that there has been a problem, you can check it by sending an email to our HR department: rektytoinnit(at) 

How are salaries determined, when working for a municipal federation?

The wages in the municipal field are determined in various agreements. The agreements vary depending on the positions. The total compensation consists of position-specific salary, bonuses bound to the employment time and working hours compensation. In addition, we apply a performance bonus system. More information on salaries in the municipal field are available from the pages of Local Government Employers .

What kind of know-how and skills does HSY except from its applicants?

We value professional competence acquired through education and work experience. We also value highly the will to do work with a significance. 

How can I apply for a summer job at HSY?

We advertise our summer jobs separately on our website. We will advertise the open summer job positions starting from January and February. 

How can I apply for an internship or cooperation with a thesis from HSY?

Send your application to use through our website under the section "Students". We also advertise our open internships under this section. You can also contact directly the department you are interested in. 

Where can I find out more about work at HSY and the municipal federation as an employer?

Browse our website, which has plenty of information about the work we do and the various sectors and divisions of our organisation. 

I have sent my application to the recruiting system. Can I edit my application afterwards?

The recruiting system we use does not allow you to edit your application after it has been sent. The system does not send the applicant a user login or password. 

Contact information of the HR department  

If you have any questions concerning recruiting, you can reach us by sending an email to address: rekrytoinnit(at)

Please note! We do not accept applications send by email. You can apply for a job through our Open positions page. If you which, you can also leave an open application into our system.