HSY as employer

Extensive occupational healthcare

We provide our employees with extensive occupational healthcare. Our occupational healthcare supports the health and occupational capabilities of our employees through their whole career. The occupational health team consists of an occupational doctor, occupational nurse, occupational psychologist and occupational physiotherapist.

Safe and healthy way of working

We carry our legislated responsibility as an employer for the healthiness and safety of the working conditions. We work actively to improve the physical and mental working conditions and to promote the occupational well-being of our personnel, in cooperation with our employees.

A staff satisfaction survey

We measure our staff’s satisfaction with their work, the atmosphere in the workplace and the leadership every other year through a staff satisfaction survey. We will go through the results with our employees and look for ways to develop and support occupational wellbeing and staff’s resources.

Opportunity to develop one’s competence

All of our employees have the opportunity to develop, both by learning through work and by education and training. Different work roles require different competence and different kinds of skills. Learning new matters and setting up career goals support professional development and enable the success of our organisation.

Performance Reviews

Each employee will have a performance review with his or her supervisor at least once a year. In these discussions, the supervisor and employee agree on goals and compile a personal development plan. This way, all our employees know what is expected of them and what they should try to achieve.

Rewards for job well done

We apply a performance bonus system and incentive payments for the employees. We reward our long-term employees for their years of service and anniversaries and when they retire.

Opportunity for affordable work lunch

We support the work lunches of our employees with lunch vouchers.

Recreational activities

We support varied recreational activities through hobby clubs and recreational vouchers.

Employer-subsidized travelling tickets or commuting vouchers

All our employees have the chance to use an employer-subsidized travelling ticket or commuting voucher.