The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority municipal federation was established by the basic agreement approved by the councils of the member municipalities (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa). The first general meeting was held on 17 June 2009, when the HSY Board of Directors and the Audit Committee were elected.

The general meeting holds the highest decision-making authority of the federation. The general meeting is held at least twice a year. Each member municipality has one representative in the general meeting. The voting power of the representative is determined on the basis of his or her city’s population so that each representative has at least one vote and a maximum of 50 votes.

The duties of the general meeting include

  • approval of activity plan and budget
  • decisions on approving the balance statement and granting a discharge from liability for the accountable parties
  • election of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

The general meeting elects the members of Board of Directors for the municipal term in accordance with the political dominance. The Act on Equality is followed in the constitution of the board. The Local Government Act defines the duties of the board. The administrative rule has the necessary regulations concerning administration and decision-making procedure. The executive rule, on the other hand, defines the authority of the implementing powers and office holders.

The board consists of the 14 actual members elected by the general meeting, one of which will be names as the President and one as a Vice President. Each member has a personal substitute member. Seven of the members and substitute members are from Helsinki, three from Espoo, one from Kauniainen and three from Vantaa.

The member municipalities have their representatives as specialist members of the board. They have the right of speech and a right to attend, but no right to vote.

The Audit Committee is the charge of organising the audits for the federation’s administration and finance and performing the audits in accordance with the Local Government Act. The Audit Board has 7 members and they all have a personal substitute member.


The agenda of the Board and its attachments are published on our website at least two days before the meeting. In 2018, the Board of Directors meets every month (excluding July) in accordance with a verified meeting schedule as follows:
19 January, 16 February, 16 March, 13 April, 25 May, 15 June, 17 August, 14 September, 12 October, 16 November and 14 December. The meetings begin at 9 am.

The agenda of the general meeting and its attachments will be published on our website about 10 days before the meeting. The meeting call is available on the notice board of public announcements of HSY and the member municipalities 14 days before the meeting.

The actual general meetings in 2018 will be held as follows: spring general meeting on 25 May at 10 am and autumn general meeting on 16 November at 10 am.

Browsing the agendas and records

You can browse through the agendas and records of the Board and the general meeting through the Agendas and records -page.

The agendas will remain on the page until the unverified record of the meeting is published, replacing the agenda. If the record changes during the verification, it will be republished.

The most important decisions of the Board and the general meeting will be also published on the Current section of our website.

Making decisions available to the public

The verified records and office holders’ decisions of the general meetings and the Board of Directors are available to the public during office hours on every first and third Monday of a month at HSY’s Registrar's Office at address Opastinsilta 8 D-E, Helsinki. The records of the Audit Committee are neither published nor made public.