Work for the environment

In Water Services

  • We supply high-quality drinking water for over a million people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
  • We process the wastewater from households and industry effectively in order to protect the Baltic Sea.
  • The organic material of sludge is digested and the obtained biogas is recovered at the plants for power and heat production.
  • The bio-sludge from the wastewater treatment plants is reprocessed into topsoil on a composting field.
  • The lost heat energy of the treated wastewater is recovered in the district heat production at the Katri Vala heat pumping station.

At Waste Management

  • We arrange the waste management of housing properties and public administration in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Kirkkonummi and take care of the collection of recycled and hazardous waste.
  • We arrange the landfill processing and disposal of municipal waste and process the separately collected bio-waste by composting.
  • The landfill gas is collected and recovered in the power and heat production.
  • We offer updated information about waste sorting and waste prevention.

At Regional and environmental information

  • We monitor air quality of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area at 11 measuring stations.
  • In order to improve the air quality, a common climate protection programme was compiled for Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
  • We promote the implementation of the Climate Strategy 2030 for Helsinki Metropolitan Area and report on its progress.
  • We promote the implementation of the Climate Adaptation Strategy for Helsinki Metropolitan Area in cooperation with cities and other regional operators.

Environmental responsibity in HSY year 2015 -brochure