HSY mission statement

Helsinki Region Environmental Authority Services HSY is Finland’s largest public body acting in the environmental sector.  HSY produces waste management and water services for over one million residents throughout the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.  Furthermore, it provides information, among others, on air quality and climate work, as well as regional information of the area’s development.  The excellent service and product supply is based on recognition of the needs, demands and expectations of residents and principal interest groups.   The mission statement of HSY is to provide purely better services.  The values of HSY guide our way of operating both in work communities and with clients.

The mission statement of HSY is based on the vision and strategy defined until 2020.  Our vision is responsible, effective and developing water services, waste management services and regional information services for the benefit of residents and the environment. We follow, in all our operations, the obligations set by society and promises given to the interest groups, over and above the legal requirements.

We act according to the goals set in the strategy in the following way:

  • We reduce hazardous environmental impacts by developing suitable and sound ways of operating and by applying high-level technologies.
  • We invest in comprehensive risk management by setting the reliability of our operations high and by optimising the function of water service networks.
  • We continuously develop our operations to meet the needs of our customer groups.
  • HSY has a significant role in improving the areal material and energy efficiency. 
  • We achieve economic balance by practising long-term charge and tariff politics and by improving our productivity.

HSY’s quality, environmental and safety principles

  • We comprehensively improve the quality of our products and services cost-efficiently and by taking the needs of the interest groups and our customers into account from the overall economic perspective.
  • We take care of our environment by improving the material- and energy-efficiency of the area, by increasing the utilisation of waste and by reducing both nutrients and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We commit ourselves to the principles of sustainable development so that the environment, people and economy are always taken into account in decision-making and actual operations. We are aware of the impacts ensuing from our operations and we inform all our interest groups openly and honestly about them.
  • Our operational policy stresses that each employee is responsible for their own part in reaching the set goals. Our staff is well aware of the environmental and occupational safety impacts of their work and endeavours to reduce hazardous effects.
  • We promote the well-being of our staff by good management and supervisory duties and by ensuring a seamless progress of employees’ work, competence and knowhow. . We monitor, maintain and develop systematically the occupational safety through our operating methods based on continuous improvement.