HSY strategy

The HSY General Assembly accepted the new HSY strategy 2025 in its meeting on 16 November, 2018.

HSY’s vision for 2025 is to transform the Helsinki Metropolitan Area into the world’s most sustainable urban region through collaboration.

The prerequisite for reaching this goal is to be at the cutting edge of environmental responsibility and resource efficiency, high reliability in performances, smoothly running services and a stable economy. The enablers support the achievement of these objectives. 

The mission statement relates why does HSY exist. Together with the values it forms the strategic foundation. 

The prerequisites
​​The enablers
  • Forerunner in environmental responsibility and resource efficiency
  • Highly reliable
  • Smooth services
  • Stable business
  • Developing good working life
  • Actively taking advantage of new technologies
  • Influencing through information
  • Building upon collaboration

​Our values

Our values are visible in our daily operations.  

  • Responsible
  • Open
  • Service-minded
  • Self-renewal