Air Protection

Monitoring air quality

HSY's air quality monitoring sites continuously monitor air pollutants such as particulate concentrations. You can check the Helsinki Metropolitan area's air quality situation hourly at every monitoring site.  Check where the monitoring sites are located.

Studies on Helsinki's air quality

HSY investigates, together with its collaboration partners, air pollutants, their properties and impacts on health and on nature. HSY has built up a network with various research institutes and universities. Our most important partners at the moment are the Finnish Meteorological Institute, National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, VTT Research Centre of Finland, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Nordic Envicon Ltd. We supply various administrative bodies with research results at the local, national and EU level. Read more on research projects concerning particles, exhaust gases, street dust and emissions generated from small-scale wood combustion.

What is an air quality index?

Action plan to improve air quality in the Helsinki Metropolitan area