Research on Air Quality

The objective of our research activities is to increase the knowledge level of aerial pollutants, their properties and effects on people’s health and on nature. Through research activities we strive to find new solution to improve the air quality.

Within the research work, we have created networks with other research institutes and universities. At present, our most important cooperation partners include the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Tampere university of technology, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Nordic Envicon Ltd. We supply various administrative bodies with research results both at the local, national and EU level.

The focus of our research work centres on particles, their properties, sources and health effects and how to reduce exposure. At the moment, the major research subjects are, among others, particulate and nitrogen dioxide emissions from traffic-related exhaust gases and how to reduce them, emissions generated through biofuel usage, street dust and small-scale wood burning and how to reduce hazards caused by them.