Air Quality Plan

The air quality monitoring, conducted in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, has shown that the limit value given to concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are exceeded in the busy street traffic routes of the inner Helsinki area, due to traffic emissions and the increased number of diesel cars. According to the Environmental Protection Act if a limit value is exceeded, the municipality will be responsible for preparing plans and programmes in order to prevent the exceeding of limit values.

A new Air Quality Plan for Helsinki is set to cover the years 2017–2024. In accordance with legislative requirements, the programme includes measures for reducing nitrogen dioxide emissions resulting from traffic in street canyons, where the limit value is exceeded. In addition to traffic, the themes of the Air Quality Plan are composed of other factors deemed to have a significant impact on the air quality of Helsinki: street dust and small-scale wood burning.

Read also HSY's Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2024 (in Finnish)
The progress of the implementation of HSY’s Air Quality Action Plan is documented in the annual reports. Below are links to the annual reports.
Implementation of the Air Quality Action Plan 2016 (PDF, in Finnish)
Report to the EU Commission, prepared in 2012, on the exceeding areas of target values of benzo(a)pyrene and on measures taken to reach the target value (PDF, in Finnish).