Contingency plan

The contingency plan for a sudden deterioration of air quality concerns short-term, high concentrations of aerial pollutants. HSY continuously monitors the amount of nitrogen dioxide, fine particles, smoke and ozone in the air. If the amounts exceed the defined limits, HSY launches measures in accordance with the contingency plan.

The traffic management plan is confined to a sudden traffic-related increase in nitrogen dioxide levels in an extensive area.

The participants of the contingency plan are, among others:

•Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY
•City of Helsinki
•City of Espoo
•City of Vantaa
• ELY Centre of Uusimaa
•HSL/HRT Helsinki Region Transport


Why a contingency plan?

Should the air quality suddenly deteriorate, the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will start collaboration according to the contingency plan. The operations thresholds are defined in the plan both for pollutant concentrations and their duration, and for measures to be taken by various parties in such situations. The City of Helsinki coordinates the regional measures and makes the decisions on the basis of the authorisation given by the other cities.

Long-term measures for improving air quality are stated in the Air Quality Plan.​