Improving air quality

The air quality monitoring, conducted in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, has shown that the limit value given to concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are exceeded in the busy street traffic routes of the inner Helsinki area, due to traffic emissions and the increased number of diesel cars. According to the Environmental Protection Act if a limit value is exceeded, the municipality will be responsible for preparing plans and programmes in order to prevent the exceeding of limit values.

The Air Quality Plan for years 2017-2024 is updated and more detailed information about the action plan can be obtained on the web pages of the City of Helsinki. If the air quality deteriorates suddenly, the contingency plan includes collected measures in order to protect the inhabitants.

The ambient air quality is regulated through limit and target values and warning thresholds. The EU’s limit values define the highest acceptable concentrations of aerial pollutants. The national reference values guide planning and are targets both in the short and long term. When the threshold values are exceeded, the inhabitants must be immediately informed. The target values, for their part, serve to guide towards the minimization of impacts on health and on nature.