Informing the public on Air Quality

Air quality can be monitored in real-time in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The situation can be checked on the web pages, via mobile browser or on the air quality displays. Information about air quality is also available on radio, TV, in newspapers or on Twitter (@hsy_ilmanlaatu).

You can check the daily air quality situation presented hourly in a graph on HSY’s web pages. The current air quality bulletin is published every weekday morning at ca. 8.15. We will update the situation graph if the air quality is poor for several hours in succession.

In case the air quality deteriorates sharply, we will inform the public without delay. The cities of the area are responsible for recommendations and measures taken. Measures to be taken are recorded in the contingency plan. We will inform the public about the exceeding of limit value levels.

HSY collects the monitoring results of every season into the air quality report which is published as a newsletter. The summary of the monitoring results of the year is published in June within the annual report of air quality.