The Helsinki Metropolitan area cities and regional authorities are implementing adaptation actions. HSY is monitoring the implementation of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area climate change adaptation strategy. The monitoring results are collected in a report and the information will be updated annually.

Implementation of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Climate Change Adaptation Strategy during 2012 – 2014

HSY will also monitor regional adaptation and changes in the operational environment. Good examples and practices of adaptation from Finland and internationally will be collected and published in the web pages.

In the Climate-Proof City – the Planner’s Workbook, current good examples of adaptation practices and tools are presented.

Scientific knowledge about climate change is constantly increasing and becoming more exact. Also, new information about good practices and examples of adaptation appears. Policies and actions set forth in the strategy may need to be checked or modified and practices reviewed as information increases and changes.

Through monitoring, it is possible to create an overall picture of how the region is adapting to the impacts of climate change, to identify and avoid possible overlapping activities and to benefit from synergies.

​More information: Climate Specialist Maaria Parry, maaria.parry(at)