Mitigation strategy

Mitigation of climate change

Climate change cannot be stopped anymore but it is vital to mitigate it. The focal point in mitigating climate change is striving away from the use of fossil fuels and halting the increase of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

The international community endeavours to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. In this way the effects would remain predictable to some extent and the most disastrous changes could perhaps be avoided.

As a part of the EU, Finland has committed to limiting its greenhouse gas emissions. This objective is supported by the National Climate and Energy Strategy, Energy and Climate Roadmap 2050 and the Climate Change Act. A joint climate strategy, which the cities advance through their actions, has been drawn up for the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The change towards a carbon-neutral, low-carbon society requires actions in all sectors of the society. The most focal means in the mitigation of climate change are reducing the energy consumption, improving energy-efficiency and implementation of renewable forms of energy. Maintaining the carbon sinks ( forests) and sustainable use of natural resources are also important actions.