Regional data

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We provide regional ​​data for the needs of a growing metropolis.

At the HSY information cooperation unit, we aim to facilitate the users’ access to regional data. Our main duty is to maintain the up-to-date regional basic register and geographic information materials. We facilitate your work by collecting data materials, completed analyses and specialist reports that promote the regional development.  

In particular, our products serve and support the planning, research and decision-making of the growing metropolitan area. We also actively take part in the regional information cooperation.

Our most significant information products are

Our regional products are intended for professional use, and due to data security, t​heir use requires applying for a separate license. However, some of our information products are available for all users as open data that can be accessed through our downloading service.

We compile specialist reports related to housing and business operations, among other topics. In addition to this, we collect and prepare an annual review of commuting to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. We also produce an annual presentation of the residential plots’ maximum prices applied in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in housing production supported by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA). 

For our own part, we are also in charge of collecting the follow-up data of the letter of intent on land-use, housing and transport in the Helsinki region (MAL). We carry out the follow-up work of this letter of intent on land-use, housing and transport in cooperation with the Uusimaa Regional Council and Helsinki region Transport (HSL).​​