​SeutuCD is an annually published, extensive collection of geographic information, which compiles the most essential register, map and data for planning related to the planning of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The material package is intended for the use of designers and researchers working for the municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, HSY and HSL, as well as for background information of consultation work ordered by these parties. SeutuCD has been published since 1997.


The materials on SeutuCD have been divided into three sections:

  1. SeutuCD – Registers includes the cohesive, high-quality municipal register data of Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s municipalities, compiled from the HSY’s Regional basic register, as well as the business location information from Statistics Finland. Register data is unit-specific geographic information. In addition to the location data, the data includes information about the population, city plans, zoned units, real estates, buildings, companies and their business locations. 
  2. SeutuCD – Maps includes a useful collection of various map materials, which can be used as back-ground maps, in analyses and in planning work. Most of the map materials are in vector format and their scale is between 1:10,000- 1: 200,000. These maps cover most of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and for some of the materials the coverage is more extensive.
  3. SeutuCD – Planning includes geographic information materials that were ​requested by the users and support the planning work. Data for planning varies somewhat annually due to its update frequency and availability. This data is in vector format and it works well together with the other materials on SeutuCD.

The register materials and most of the map materials have been included in the SeutuCD product already from the start. The data for planning is the most recent and most extensively updated material section. The more detailed content of all materials have been described in the map and data descriptions of the SeutuCD.​​