Geographic information


Nearly all data has a location, which connects the item’s characteristics to a certain place, making it into geographic information. Geographic information is easy-to-use and simple data, through which various materials can be linked together with the help of location data. Analysis and planning work become more effective, when information can be combined, illustrated and visualised in new ways.

HSY produces and compiles regional geographic information to support planning processes

Our geographic information materials are based on the regional basic registry, SePe, maintained by HSY, into which the register data from the municipalities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are compiled and harmonised. 

Additional information on SePe

In addition to the cohesive basic register of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, we produce and compile regional map materials. Our comprehensive and up-to-date geographic information storage is an excellent tool for planning, research and decision-making. 

Additional information on the map materials​

​​​​​​​Since 2011, we have annually arranged HSY’s geographic information seminars​, which bring many professionals of geographic information under the same roof. These seminars are focused on the topical themes of geographic information field and, primarily, on the applicable uses of geographic information in research and planning assignments.