Licence applications

​​​​​​User rights to ​​geographic information

The user right of map materials is almost always based on various contracts and licenses. Also open data materials, which are free to use and require no paid publication license, have their own license included. Publications of materials and their licenses must always be reviewed case-specifically.

Defining copyrights an​d user rights

The Copyright Act protects the copyrights of those who produce map material. The symbol of copyright is ©. In Finland, copyright is granted to the creator of a written or artistic work, such as map material. 

Using this material after the creation requires a license, which must be applied from the owner of the copyright, i.e. user right. User rights cannot be transferred to another party without the creator’s permission. The holders of user rights may, within the definitions of the agreement, limit and allow the use of the materials anyway they wish. Usually user rights allow making adjustments, i.e. editing the map, but they do not allow its transfer, distribution or sales. These would require a publication license.

​User license to HSY’​s geographic information

Information products based on the Regional basic register (SePe), such as SeutuCD and SeutuRuutu, require a license from their users. The user license is always personal and it will be processed on a case-by-case basis. A user license is required due to contract obligations. The license enables better supervision and control of sensitive material and improved service for the users. Instructions on how to apply for a user license are at the bottom of this page.

​Publicatio​n license

  • Applied from the map’s creator unless the work is already included in the granted user license.
  • In connection to granting the publication license, the customer may also be given a case-specific publication license number, which must be included in the copyright information of the published maps.
  • Publishing a map in an advert or on a web page, for example, may require a one-time publication license payment to the material’s creator.
  • Pricing of publication license payments varies greatly depending on the creator.
  • A publication license acquired for a thesis work is often free-of-charge.

​Using open ​materials often requires a source reference

Many map producers have recently granted an open access to their materials. A large part of material provided by HSY has also become free-of-charge open data material, which has streamlined the user rights of this material. Publishing open data usually requires noting down the source data, such as a mention of the party granting the license. User rights should be ensured separately for all used material.

Copyright can be connected to the map by using the symbol © XX xxxx, where XX is the material's creator and xxxx its year of creation.

The themes created “over” the base map and their rights belong to the theme’s creator.
The creator’s copyright markings can be connected to the copyright symbol, for example:
Base maps: © XX xxxx, Theme: © theme’s creator xxxx​​​​​