Map materials

We at HSY’s Regional and environmental information have processed several geographic information materials further and turned them into completed maps that can be easily used by the authorities. We have processed the register and geographic information materials so that using them is easy both cartographically and visually. Our materials can be used, for example, in various geographic information analyses, theme and background maps or location reviews.

You may utilise our register and geographic information materials either through the SeutuCD material collection or via SeutuRuutu service. SeutuCD is available either as a physical disc or through a down-load service, whereas SeutuRuutu can be used with a web map interface. The materials of SeutuCD are updated every year as the new material package is published, but some of the data in SeutuRuutu is updated significantly more intensively (as often as every two weeks from the information systems of the municipalities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area).

Our geographic information and map materials are sourced from several producers, including municipalities, HSL, National Land Survey of Finland and Statistics Finland. Regionally, our geographic information and map materials cover at least the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and partly even all of Finland.

We provide material as

  • tab files of the MapInfo software
  • dbf files
  • open data in the shape format of ESRI

​You can find out more about ordering, using and publishing map and geographic information materials from the License applications page​.