Plot inventory of the Helsinki M​​etropolitan Area

According to the calculations based on SeutuRAMAVA’s data, the municipalities of the Helsinki Metro-politan Area have unused apartment building plot reserves for the future apartment building production of around three to six years. This requires that housing production follows its goal defined in Helsinki region’s MAL letter of intent on land-use, housing and transport 2012-2015 and the applied reserve numbers are the whole calculated reserves.

Based on the same calculations, the reserves of detached, semidetached or terraced house plots would be sufficient for at least ten year’s production in all the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s municipalities.

The area’s indicators are presented in SeutuRAMAVA 2013 review.

Building land inventory ​​SeutuRAMAVA

SeutuRAMAVA provides summarised and cohesive geographic information of the legally valid city plans of four cities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

HSY produces SeutuRAMAVA based on the material of the Regional basic register (SePe). Its data can be flexibly linked to other regional geographic information. They can be then used to create illustrative geographic information analyses and map presentations.

We aim to constantly develop the RAMAVA calculations and increase the characteristic information of zoned units. The essential calculation methods have been reported in the SeutuRAMAVA 2011 report​ ( in Finnish, PDF, 27MB)

SeutuRAMAVA is published annually on SeutuCD and the material is updated biannually. Planning unit -specific data material is published for the official use of HSY, HSL and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area’s municipalities.

Information summarised by city districts have also been published as open data, which can be accessed and used by anyone.