Landfill gas collection

​The gas power plant, which was introduced in May 2010, is able to exploit all gas collected from the old and new landfill. This power plant is one of the largest utilisation plants of landfill gas in Europe.
The power plant generates 15 MW of electric power. This amount is sufficient to meet the electricity requirements of ca. 8 000 detached houses. In addition to this, the waste treatment centre at Ämmässuo produces heat mostly for its own use. Due to the gas power plant, the area is self-sufficient in its energy production and a great deal of produced electric power is sold to the national grid.
The power plant will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the waste treatment centre by ca. 3 000 tonnes per year.
The gas power plant was built in two phases. The first phase of the power plant was completed in May 2010. During the second phase, the implementation of a recovery system of exhaust gases generated by the power plant; i.e. the ORC process (Organic Rankine Cycle) was carried out and the completion was in autumn 2011. The additional electric power generated through the ORC process from exhaust gases of the power plant amounts approximately to 1.3 MW and suffices to cover the electricity consumption of the entire waste treatment centre.

View and explore the gas power plant through the video (in English).