Collaboration partners and projects

Kulmakorpi area, City of Espoo

The goal of the City of Espoo is to enable the construction of an extensive industrial work place area in a logistically optimal location in the Kulmakorpi I area, near Ämmässuo. You can find more information on the progress of the Kulmakorpi l plan

on the City of Espoo’s website.


Aalto University

HSY Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority and Aalto University have entered into a partnership agreement with the goal of promoting research and knowhow in the field of water services and waste management, such as in drinking water production, wastewater treatment, waste management and maintenance of water supply networks. The collaboration also promotes the development of the Ekomo area. The collaboration between Aalto University and HSY has long traditions and the idea of the new agreement is to create even more systematic ways of collaboration.

Helsinki Business HUB

Helsinki Business HUB is a regional development agency in Helsinki, promoting the establishment of foreign businesses and growth and development of innovation-driven companies in the Helsinki region.

Read more on Helsinki Business HUB's homepage or read the article about Ekomo.

Read more on SmartnClean’s webpages.


The UUMA2 project aims to promote the utilisation of recycled materials in earth construction either as such or as components to replace virgin stone materials or to improve their properties. We take an active part in UUMA2 operations.

Read more about the UUMA2 project on the webpages.