Welcome start-ups and old hands

Ekomo welcomes all commercial enterprises, pilot companies and businesses at the R&D stage.

HSY has set some criteria for companies and other interested parties coming to the area:

  1. The business activities must be centred on industry and material-efficiency.
  2. There must be synergy with HSY and/or with other interested parties in the Ekomo area. 
  3. The operational model must be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.


Commercial companies can practise their business activities together with HSY and other companies of the Ekomo area. Companies can utilise recyclable materials and raw materials available at Ämmässuo. The aim is to increase the upgrading value of materials as much as possible.

Ekomo’s aim is to create a versatile piloting-friendly environment in the area where new innovations can be developed by piloting, testing and processing, among others, industrial material and side flows, and biowaste as well.

The Ekomo area also provides a platform to implement R&D activities together with research institutes and universities, for example.