Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre Ekomo


Welcome to Ekomo! Ekomo is a resource-efficient centre where businesses collaborate with each other and HSY. One company's waste is another's raw material.


Welcome to Ekomo! Ekomo is a resource-efficient centre, located at Ämmässuo in Espoo, where companies collaborate with each other and HSY.

Ekomo provides a platform for companies and creates premises for developing industrial symbioses. In Ekomo, companies can utilise, in their own operations, others’ waste and renewable energy generated in the area. Ekomo gathers all kinds of players together from the circular economy field to collaborate with each other and HSY.

Our goal is to create a nationally and internationally attractive eco-industrial centre, where commercial businesses and pilot-stage companies can operate. The area also provides good opportunities for re-search and development operations.

We offer companies a functional and high-quality basic infrastructure, and central location near the Turku highway. There are already well-functioning data communication connections and road traffic network in the area. Ekomo, as an area, is self-sufficient in energy into the far future. We are about to increase the energy production of the area, which has already been quite extensive.

In Ekomo, HSY takes care of the treatment of biowaste, ash and slag from the waste-to-energy plant, recovery of landfill gas, treatment of contaminated soil, landfill treatment and final disposal of waste, among others.

Ekomo is located at Ämmässuo in Espoo. Environmental permits currently in force, planning, energy resources and raw-materials guarantee a versatile scope of operations to treat and utilise various materials. Ekomo provides space for field and facility construction.

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Contact information:

Tuomas Räsänen
Mobile +358 50 512 8840