Statistics and reports

​HSY Waste Management reports and compiles statistics in regard to its operations on a regular basis. The statistics of the HSY Waste Management show among others the numbers of clients at the Sortti Stations and the waste amounts received in the Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre. Waste Management publishes the annual environmental reports concerning the operations of the Ämmässuo Eco-industrial Centre, Kivikko Waste Service Centre and Konala Sortti station.

Key figures of 2019

The Ämmässuo eco-industrial centre received: 

  • ca. 138 000 tonnes altogether of slag from the waste-to-energy plant and other waste to be processed
  • ca. 94 000 tonnes of biowaste 
  • ca. 12 500 tonnes of contaminated soil resources

Altogether, HSY forwarded ca. 240 000 tonnes of mixed waste from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Kirkkonummi to Vantaa Energy Ltd for energy recovery. Uudenmaan Woima Oy, a subsidiary of HSY, delivered ca. 90 000 tonnes of mixed waste to the waste-to-energy plant. Waste delivered to Uudenmaan Woima Oy originates from the nearby regions such as Nurmijärvi.

Ca. 8.9 million containers were picked-up from HSY customer properties. The waste transports included ca. 379 000 tonnes of different types of waste (e.g. mixed waste, sludge from septic tanks and cesspits, biowaste, carton, glass and plastic packages). Ca. 510 000 customer visits were recorded at the Sortti stations.  

We researched the composition of domestic waste in 2018. The research showed that the share of plastic packages in domestic waste has decreased by 31 per cent compared to the previous research of 2015. The amount of mixed waste has also clearly decreased but due to the large dispersion of measurement data, the result is not statistically significant.  At present, an average of 157 kg per person of domestic mixed waste is generated every year. In 2015, the residents generated on average 177 kg per person of mixed waste in a year. As to the other waste types, there is no significant change.

Report of the mixed waste composition in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in 2018 (available in Finnish only)

Preparing instructions for acquiring the life-cycle modelling services of HSY Waste Management (available in Finnish only)