Construction, maintenance and renovation of networks

​We construct new water service network at the same rate as the cities make the decisions concerning the construction of new zoned areas that are to be connected to water services.

We expand the water service network in cooperation with the land use divisions and technical sectors of the cities. The network is also gradually extending to the already existing sparsely populated areas.

The sparsely populated areas connected to water services are defined in the water service’s development plans of the cities.

Maintaining t​​he networks

In order to maintain the functionality of the water service networks, we take preventative maintenance measures, such as flushing, cleaning and inspecting the networks. This way, we aim to prevent disturbances and risks in the water service and sewer network. We minimise the duration of disturbances with a 24-hour standby system.

Service piping and service sewers belong to the property, and therefore their maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility.

The functionality and condition of service piping should be inspected at least once in a decade.

Condition inspectio​​n and renovation

We renovate water pipes and sewers that are in bad condition due to aging or some other reason. The condition of the sewer network can be inspected with TV filming, where the sewers are filmed from inside with the help of a robot camera.

There are no similar methods for inspecting the water service network, but water leakages are sought actively by utilising devices that register the noises caused by leakages.

We are the biggest renovator ​​of underground pipes in Finland​

There is no one renovation method suitable to all situations: The technically and financially most affordable method must be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Most of the sewers are renovated by relining through sewer wells, without excavation works.

Water pipes are renovated both by excavating them and with a so-called no-dig method, which requires only a small amount of digging.

We aim to arrange all renovation sites so that they cause as little disturbances to area’s residents, traffic and pedestrians as possible. On sites, where applying no-dig methods is not possible, we aim to adjust excavation works to the same schedule with other parties doing work in the area, if possible.