Hiekkaharju water tower

​A new water tower is being built in Hiekkaharju's Malminmäki Park at Vantaa. This water tower is to ensure Eastern Vantaa’s water distribution when the number of residents increases. The new water tower replaces the old Hiekkaharju water tower. Construction work will begin in autumn 2017 and its completion is planned to follow in the summer of 2020.

The new tower is located in the vicinity of the old water tower. The water supply network of the area is already available, which means that the investment costs concerning the main water pipelines will remain low. The location in the midst of a significant consumption area is beneficial when we are thinking of water distribution and its future needs. The old water tower will be pulled down as soon as the new tower is completed. The demolition of the old tower will be carried out with consideration for the close proximity of buildings and roads.

The new water tower will be equipped with a state-of-art process-technical set-up and solutions. Besides the water tower, we will also integrate the necessary new main water pipelines and a wastewater sewer into the present networks.

YIT Rakennus Oy is the main contractor. The visual appearance of the new water tower will be based on WSP Group’s ‘Silhouette’.

The development project of the Hiekkaharju Water Tower has no significant or direct environmental impacts. However, it will have a landscape-visual impact on the urban environment of the area through the structural composition of the tower. Additionally, the demolition of the old tower will change the cityscape.



Illustration of a new water tower at night and during the day.

Further information is found on Finnish and Swedish pages.

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