Sortti pick-up service

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Order the Sortti pick-up service to pick up your old fridge, freezer, oven, sofa or other household fixture. 

  • The pick-up costs 60-120 €.
  • You can choose a day time pick-up (between 8 AM and 4 PM) or an evening pick-up (between 4 PM and 8 PM)
  • The driver will call about a half an hour before arrival.
  • The service is available in the Helsinki Metropolitan region and Kirkkonummi. Areas which are connected through waterways, for example an archipelago, do not belong to the service area.
  • The service is intended for private citizens and housing cooperatives, primarily for the pick-up of 1-3 objects.
HSY Sortti pick-uo service customer instructions to be followed until further notice:
  • If anyone at the pick-up address developes coronavirus-type symptoms, the ordered Sortti pick-up service must be cancelled. This is to protect the employees and other customers.
  • Keep a safe distance of at least two meters from the employees performing the pick-up. The employees meet several customers during the day. 
  • We recommend that customers wear gloves when handling the signing and payment devices. The employees disinfect the devices several times a day.

Order the Sortti pick-up servise (only in finnish)

We transport for example:

  • Fridges 
  • Freezers
  • Ovens
  • Sofas

We do not transport 

  • objects stained with excretions or objects that are infected with pests, such as bedbugs, 
  • loose renovation waste,
  • hazardous waste,
  • pianos,
  • ordinary mixed household waste, 
  • waste generated by business operations or
  • other waste we deem unsuitable.

Mixed waste and sorted renovation and construction waste can be taken to a Sortti Station, reception against payment. You can rent a trailer for transporting waste.

The waste guide helps you with sorting problems »

Placing the order

You can order the Sortti pick-up servise online (only in finnish) or by phone from our customer service (tel.  09 1561 2110, mo−fri between 8.30 AM and 3.30 PM)

You can cancel the pick-up at the latest 3.30 PM on the day before the pick-up date on our online service using the link provided with the order confirmation or by calling our customer service. 


The pick-up costs 60–120 euros.

The price includes picking up the waste items from the property and delivering them for reuse or recycling. Disassembly is not included in the service.   

Big or heavy objects cost a bit more to transport.

The driver will estimate the final price during the pick-up. Please note that we are prepared to pick up only the objects specified in the order.

Payment Methods

You can pay the driver of Sortti pick-up service with a debit card or a credit card (Visa, Mastercard). 

If your single-family house has a waste management contract, you can add the pick-up price into your waste management invoice. If the pick-up was made by the property manager, we can include the pick-up in the housing estate’s waste management invoice. 

You can also pay with a payment commitment. In this case, order the Sortti pick-up service by calling our customer service.

Cancelling the pick-up

If you need to cancel the pick-up, notify us at least one day before the planned pick-up by 15:30 PM the latest. You can cancel the pick-up 
  • in our online service in Finnish (use the link provided in the confirmation of order)
  • through our customer service (tel. +358(0)9 1561 2110 on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM).

Making use of the old

We take your still-useable things to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre for resale. We deliver the reusable material to be used as recycled raw material in industry. We transport non-recyclable materials to Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy plant where it is turned into district heating and electricity.