Change ownership in Water Services

​​​When the property’s owner changes, the current owner, i.e. the transferor, should make a written notification for the HSY Water Services that the property has been transferred.

In order to make the change, we need the meter reading from the date of the change, the relevant information about the new owner and the delivery address for the old owner’s final invoice. You can use the enclosed ownership change form to make the notification.

We recommend that the current owner and the new owner read the meter together and report the read-ing in the ownership change notification. The current owner will receive a final invoice, based on this reported reading. Invoicing of the new customer begins from the reported date and meter reading.

We will send the new owner a new connection agreement to be signed. The property’s new owner should sign this agreement. If the property has several owners, they must all sign the contract or a letter of attorney must be attached to the agreement. If the property is owned by a business organisation, a trade registry extract, proving the signing rights, needs to be attached to the agreement.

You can contact us via e-mail according to the town where you live in:
In Espoo and Kauniainen: vesisopimus.espoo(at)
In Helsinki:
In Vantaa: vesisopimus.vantaa(at)

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