Applying for leakage compensation

Read the water meter immediately after you have discovered the leakage and also read the meter once more right after the leakage has been fixed. You can send an application for leakage compensation via email to the address: or in writing by post to the address:

Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut -kuntayhtymä HSY
PL 100
00066 HSY

Write in the email or letter header field “Application for leakage compensation [the usage location number]”.

1. The application must include

  • customer’s contact information
  • a description of the leakage: location of the leakage, estimation of the amount of leaked water and the duration of the leakage, reason for the leakage, pipe material and its age, and all other information which could possibly have any impact on the matter.

Additionally, the application procedure is facilitated by adding:

  • a report of an expert who dealt with the leakage repair or investigated the leakage and a photo of the leakage point.
  • the latest water bill or the location number and customer number from the water bill.
  • property-related water consumption information if the application is handed in over a month later after the repair.
  • copies of drawings of property’s water supply and sewer fittings at the leakage point and close by it.

An incomplete the application can delay the application procedure.

2. HSY complies with the following principles when making decisions on leakage compensations:

  • No leakage compensation for the water usage rate and water services’ basic rate.
  • Leakage compensation for the wastewater rate can be considered for payment on the basis of the leak water amount, verified by the customer, if the wastewater amount lead from the property to the plant’s sewer is significantly lower than the water amount used by the property. In practice, a leak water amount lower than 100 m3 cannot be seen as significant and leakage compensation is paid only for the part higher than that.
  • If leak water has seeped into the ground or run into a stormwater sewer, the compensation is, as a rule, 100% of the wastewater rate and water usage rate. If leak water has run into the wastewater or combined sewers, the compensation is, as a rule, 50% of the wastewater rate.
  • Leakage is presumed to have taken place in a location difficult to discover and it cannot have resulted from a defect in the water supply and sewer fittings which are the customer’s responsibility and which the customer could have inspected. Pressurised irrigation systems built by the customer and leaking taps, for instance, are excluded from the compensation.
  • Leakage compensation is granted retrospectively for leakage duration of one year at most. The date of the repairs for the leak is the starting date to calculate the time range. The application must be handed in within a year after the leak has been discovered.

For more information on applications for leakage compensations and the status of application procedures, please contact HSY Customer service, phone 09 1561 2110.