Read your own water meter

​​​​​​​​​As a customer of HSY, you will receive a request to read your water meter once or twice a year, depending on the water consumption of your property.

After receiving the request to read your meter, you can report the reading by mail or online through the HSY web pages. If you report the meter reading by mail, please also remember to note down the zeroes in front of it. If you report it online, the zeroes are not needed. The position of red markers, showing the cubic metre percentages, do not have any impact, when reading the meter.

You can send us the meter reading online through the form at the bottom of this page or using the Aqua Online service (only in Finnish) . The user login of the Aqua Online service service is the same as the customer number on your invoice or some other, optional login given during the registration.


Please make sure that you take the reading from the property’s main water meter. Ensure that the meter number given in the reading request matches the number hard-stamped to the meter’s edge. In the ex​ample photo ​​, the meter number is 2180625.​​

You should also occasionally check the water meter between these readings, as hidden leakages, for example, can be observed by monitoring the property’s water meter. If the water meter is turning, but no one is using water during that time, it may indicate a leaking pipe. 

If you want to ask more about reading the water meter, contact the customer service, tel. +358(0)9 1561 2110.