Invoicing and payments

We recommend that our customers set up e-invoices or conclude a direct payment agreement with their bank. In other case, we will send the water and waste management bills on paper. Businesses may pay their bills using an e-invoice if they have a system that accepts e-invoices.

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Learn more about how to read the water bill

Our customers receive their water bills either as estimated bills or adjustment bills, depending on the date when the water meter has been read and the reading reported to us. More information about the adjustment and estimated bills is provided in the section Water services invoices below.

Invoicing frequency

The invoicing frequency of the water bill has changed due to our renewed invoicing system. The invoicing frequency has changed so that, in future, we will send the water bill once a month in arrears. You will receive the first new bill during the period April–June 2020. Previously, we sent the water bill to the residents of detached houses three months in advance, and to larger properties two months in advance.

The water bill is based on an annual estimate if the reading on the water meter has not been reported to us. However, we will not invoice for an estimated bill of less than EUR 50 but will instead send the bill only after the invoicing limit of EUR 50 has been exceeded. If you wish to only receive water bills that are based on the reading, please inform us of your property’s water meter reading once a month. This ensures that the adjustment bill that is based on your water consumption does not include the estimated proportion.

Please note that you do not need to deliver the water meter reading each month; you can also wait for a reading request from us.

You can send the water meter reading to the following address:

The invoicing periods of waste management’s customer properties are usually 1–3 months, depending on the invoicing group. The due date of the next invoice is shown on the previous invoice.


We will reimburse you for the water or waste management bill in your invoicing. We will primarily pay the reimbursement in the next invoice but may, in some cases, pay it in cash. Such cases include the termination of your water or waste management agreement, a double payment or other considerable excess payment.

We will not use the reimbursements of waste management bills for water bills or the reimbursements of water bills for waste management bills.

You can send the account number to us by email to perinta(at) Include the number of the reimbursement invoice in the email.