Water bill reform

​We have developed our invoicing on the basis of customer feedback and as our invoicing system switches to another system.

You will receive the first new kind of bill during the period April–June 2020. Your customer and contract numbers will change, but all of the information will be updated automatically. You do not have to make any changes in your online bank or to your direct settlement contract. The electronic invoicing information for corporate customers will also remain the same. You can check your new customer identification from your first new water bill.

Invoicing frequency

The invoicing frequency of the water bill has changed. The invoicing frequency has changed so that, in future, we will send the water bill once a month in arrears. You will receive the first new bill during the period April–June 2020. Previously, we sent the water bill to the residents of detached houses three months in advance, and to larger properties two months in advance.

The water bill is based on an annual estimate if the reading on the water meter has not been reported to us. However, we will not invoice for an estimated bill of less than EUR 50 but will instead send the bill only after the invoicing limit of EUR 50 has been exceeded. If you wish to only receive water bills that are based on the reading, please inform us of your property’s water meter reading once a month. This ensures that the adjustment bill that is based on your water consumption does not include the estimated proportion.

Please note that you do not need to deliver the water meter reading each month; you can also wait for a reading request from us.

You can send us the water meter reading at the following address: hsy.fi/watermeter

The contents of the bill

We reformed the water bill itemization so that it reflects the customer feedback we have received and the requirements of the adjustment of the Water Management Act (VH681/2014). The water bill have on their own rows the following:

  • the use rate of water and waste water
  • the basic rate of water and waste water
  • the basic rate of storm water, if the property is located in an area provided with storm drains.

Further information about stormwater and areas provided with storm drains is available at the following address: hsy.fi/stormwater

More information about water services is available in our price list