How the HSY prices are determined

The municipal federation’s Board of Directors decides the rates of HSY usually in October, in connection to the budget negotiations.

The costs of both waste management and water services are covered solely by customer fees. Therefore, we always aim to ensure that the rates charged from the customers are as close to the HSY costs as possible, in accordance with the matching principle.

Water services rates

In accordance with the Act on Water Services

  • Customer rates must be reasonable and equal.
  • The water services and storm water sewer prices must be at a level that enables them to cover the new and repair investments of a water services plants and their all costs in the long term.
  • The rates may include, at most, a reasonable return on capital.

When necessary, the rates should be at a level, where they encourage people to use water sparingly and decrease the amount of wastewater as well as prevent people from pouring harmful substances into the sewer.

According to law, the following factors, among others, can be taken into account when defining the rate:

  • special purpose of use for the water
  • exceptional quality or quantity of wastewater.

The fees of HSY water services have been presented in the pricelist and service fee price list.