Frequently asked questions on water rates

​​​Below, you can find the answers to most frequently asked questions about water rates.​

Why do th​e prices of water services increase?​

The municipal federation’s Board of Directors decides the rates of HSY usually in October, in connection to the budget negotiations. The change of water rates is based on the Section 23 of the Act on Water Services and the section 4.2. of HSY’s general supply terms of water services.In accordance with the law and the supply terms, the water services have the right to change the fees and the structures of the price rate when, for example, an essential change in the conditions occurs. Such a change occurred when the water services of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa merged into HSY Water Services in 2010. When the water services merged, their rates differed very much from each other, which is why HSY’s Board of Directors decided to unify the rates.The supply terms allow us to raise the water fees also when a significant change takes place in investing costs. The increase in water fees, therefore, also covers the new, necessary plan and network investments. They also pay for the notable redevelopments that secure the operational stability of water services.

​Where can I found out more about water fees? 

The current water fees​ are available. The page has separate calculators for water rate and the connection cost. ​In addition to this, the phone number of our customer service is included in all the water bills sent to our customers. By calling the number, you can find out more and order a written bro​​chure of the water rates.

How is the basic water rate c​alculated? 

The amount of basic rate (B) (€/month) is calculated as follows: B = s * p * BAJp = property factor (0,5-3) BAJ = fixed basic rate (€/month) within floor area classes (from A to J) s = service factorAll factors of the formula are available in the publication HSY rates 2016.The fixed basic rate (€/month) within the floor area classes (from A to J) is determined on the middle of each class by multiplying the floor area with the unit price of the basic rate € /m2/month, i.e. euros per floor area metre in a month, and the property type-specific factor (0,5-3).​Since 1 January 2016, the unit price of the basic rate is €0.0156/floor area metre / month.​​ ​Service factors (s)​Water, wastewater and rainwater combined​s = 1.0​Just water​s = 0.4​Just wastewater​s = 0.4​Just rainwater​s = 0.2​ ​The basic rate property types and their factors (p)​Detached or semi-detached house​3.0​Terraced or linked house​2.7​Block of flats​2.5​Industrial building​2.2​Commercial building​2.0​Office building​1.8​Public building (primary use: other than as an office)​1.6​Sports and exercise halls​1.3​Warehouses, industrial warehouses and car parks​1.0​Special cases (parks, fields, tunnels, fountains, etc.)​0.5  ​​Floor area​Payment class​Floor area applied for calculating the basic rate, p-m2​​0–100A​100​101–250​B​175​251–350​C​300​351–500​D​425​501–1000​E​750​1001–2000​F​1500​2001–4000​G​3000​4001–7000​H​5500​7001–10 000​I​8500​>10 000​J​​15 000For example, payment class C: BAJ = 300 p-m2 * €0.0156 /p-m2/month = €4.68 /month (without VAT)Nevertheless, the basic rate of a water consumption location is, regardless of the floor area, at least as much as in the lowest payment class (A), calculated on the basis of a floor area of 100 m2. The maximum basic rate can be as much as the highest payment class (J), calculated on the basis of a floor area of 15.000 m2.If the property is later extended so that its floor area increases and puts it into a new payment class, the basic rate is determined based on the new payment class.VAT will be included in the prices in accordance with the current value added tax percentage.

Example: Single-family house, floor area of 200 m2. The property receives water, wastewater and storm water services from HSY.

p = 3 (determined based on the property type)
BAJ = €2.73 /month (payment class B, 101-250 p-m2, VAT 0%) 
s = 1 (water, wastewater, storm water)

Without value added tax: B = 3 * €2.73 /month * 1 = €8.19 /month

With value added tax (24%, starting from 1 January 2013): B = 3 * €3.39 /month * 1 = €10.17 /month

The sum for the whole year’s basic rate can be determined by multiplying the monthly sum without VAT by 12 and the amount of value added tax: B = €8.19 /month * 12 months * 1.24 = €121.87

The final sums may differ somewhat due to rounding of the numbers.​

How much tax money goes towards the HSY Wat​er Services? 

None. Our water services are covered by water rates. It includes the basic rate, charges for used water and the connection fee intended for new customers.The basic rate covers the maintenance of the pipe network as well as the water treatment and wastewater treatment plants. The charges for used water cover the costs incurred due to water and wastewater treatment. The connection fee helps to cover the implementation costs of water services, i.e. the construction of new network.​

W​hy can the ​​water consumption of completely separated apartments not be measured and invoiced separately?

One connection is allotted to each property, and each connection is equipped with one water meter, which gives the reading for the water bill. Apartment-specific water meters are a property’s own water meters, and invoicing based on them is carried out by the housing association.

What does the total invoiced price of conne​ction work include? 

The total invoiced price of water network or sewer connection work includes the pipe fitters, connection work and equipment, meter installation, mapping the connection points and installation of the sign plate. The party ordering the work is in charge of any excavation and filling work. Remember that the connection agreement must be signed before the work is ordered. In addition to this, the property owner will pay a separate connection fee for connecting to the water and sewer network.