Be prepared for a climate change

The changes of weather and climate can cause various disturbances and make everyday life more difficult. In the future, disturbances caused by climate change may increase. Heavy rains cause flooding in the cities and water areas. Storms can raise the sea level temporarily and fell down trees on the roads and electricity lines. The climate is warming up, causing more heat waves. Cities are usually warmer than the surrounding rural areas, which increases the impact of heat waves in the cities.

Everyone can be prepared for the disturbances, accidents and risky situations caused by the weather and climate.

Stock up for situations when you cannot access stores. Stocking up means reserving more food and other daily necessities and storing them in your home. Your stock should last you and your family several days, even a full week.

SPEK, the central union of Finland’s rescue services, provides more information on stocking up on its pages.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute notifies the public of storms and heatwaves on its pages. The site includes instructions on how to protect oneself against various weather conditions.

The cities have compiled flood instructions for their residents, which tell what kind of precautions should be taken, what actions to take during the flood and how to deal with the flood damages. 

The pages of the Flood Centre include warnings and forecasts of floods and links to action guidelines during a flood.

Long-term power failure guide explains how to prepare for power failures and lack of power at home.

​​The guidebook by Helsinki Building Control Department advices the residents of single-family homes on, for example, how to treat rain water in their plot.