WastEscape Room

Sorting skills are the key to success in HSY's WastEscape Room. This is the world's first WastEscape Room offering the players a new and exciting way to familiarise themselves with recycling. The WastEscape Room is a place for groups of ca. four, where the players try to win the game by sorting different waste types correctly.

The WastEscape Room uses classic elements of escape games with tasks that challenge the players in all kinds of problems concerning sorting waste. However, no previous knowledge of recycling issues is necessarily required to be successful in the game. HSY's WastEscape Room is set up in a container respecting the environment: 90 per cent of the room elements have been made from recycled materials.

We wanted to create a new way to get to know about recycling within the framework of a game. Our goal is to recycle 60 per cent of domestic waste in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by 2025, and this means that there is a need for getting the residents motivated also through ways other than just traditional methods.

Let's give the WastEscape Room a go!

You still have the opportunity to take part in a game in HSY's WastEscape Room this summer at the following events:

  • 9–11 August, Flow festival, Helsinki (requires a festival ticket)
  • 15 August, The Night of the Arts 2019, Helsinki (the exact location will be given later)
  • 31 August, Espoo Day 2019 (the exact location will be given later)

The WastEscape Room was also part of the following events in summer 2019:

  • 4–5 May, YLE's I love plastic campaign event at Amos Rex square in Helsinki
  • 12 May, Helsinki Day 2019 at Kansalaistori square
  • 8 July, The Summer Day at Töölö Bay event at Kansalaistori square

You can make reservations for a game right there on the spot but some of the teams participating in the game are drawn from competitions organised on social media. Follow HSY's social media channels and you can win a WastEscape Room game session for yourself and your friends.