Cut down waste

​​​​​​​​​The residents of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area produce an average of over 300 kg of waste per person per​​ year. Almost half of it is sorted to be recycled as the materials of new products. It is a great start, but it does not solve the real problem.

In fact, people on Earth consume six times more than in the year 1960. Over a third of the environmental impact of consumption is caused by food. Wellbeing today usually means something bad for the environment.

Up to 90 percent of the natural resources we utilise are used up already during the product’s manufacturing process. Only the remaining 10 percent is visible in our everyday life – and ends up as waste. Manufacturing products requires energy and natural resources, and produces waste during all of its stages.

It's Smart With Less Waste! The goal of the seventh EU’s environmental programme is circular economy by 2020. In an ideal situation, we do not waste anything and use natural resources in a suitable manner.

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