Plastic packaging waste

​ Plastic package means a plastic container, wrap, bag, etc. used for packaging the product to be sold. Packages also refer to the plastic bags used for carrying the purchases home.  Plastic packages are collected on residential properties and at the Rinki eco take-back points.

Dispose of other plastic products, such as broken sledges, toys, watering cans and kitchen utensils in the mixed waste container or take them to the plastics collection at the Sortti Stations (subject to a charge). 

Note! Collection of plastics has begun at all Sortti Stations (subject to a charge). This collection at the Sortti Stations is also suitable for such plastic items that cannot be disposed of at properties' own collection of plastic packages or at the Rinki eco take-back points. Read more »

What can be sorted ​​​into plastic packaging waste?

  • Empty plastic packages for food stuff, such as yoghurt containers, butter tubs or packages for cold cuts, cheese and convenience food.
  • Empty plastic detergent, shampoo and soap bottles.
  • Plastic carriers, bags and wrappings.
  • Empty plastic bottles, canisters and jars, preferably flattened; caps and lids detached.

Rinse or wipe clean empty packages, if necessary. It is clean enough if there is no odour nuisance.

Remove caps and lids. This will facilitate the further processing of packages.

You may put all empty plastic packages, despite the labelling, into the collection container for plastic packages, except PVC containing plastic packages (03) and packages containing residues of hazardous substances, such as motor oil canisters.

What should not be sorted into plastic packaging waste?

  • PVC packages – 03 sign helps you to recognise packages containing PVC.
  • Residues of hazardous substances such as pots and cans containing paint, chemicals, oil or medicines.
    • Medicines and other hazardous waste - take medicines to the pharmacy and other hazardous waste each to their respective collection point. Find the closest collection point for hazardous waste at kie​​rrä »​
  • Others than packages, e.g. toys, broken sledges, watering cans and kitchen utensils.

Download and print the sorting guide for plastic packages here.