Waste carton includes paper, carton and cardboard packages.

What can you sort into carton waste containers?

  • carton packages for liquids, such as milk and juice cartons (also with aluminium lining)
  • carton packages, such as cereal and cookie packs
  • paper packets, such as bread and flour bags
  • paper bags
  • wrapping papers, such as the wrapping of copy paper
  • egg cartons
  • shells of toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls
  • ​​corrugated cardboard and kraft paper.

Rinse liquid packages and other packages containing food remains. Let them drip dry.

Flatten the packages and pack them inside each other.

Remove plastic corks and sort them into plastic packaging waste. Staples or packing tapes do not need to be removed.

What sho​uld not be sorted into carton​ containers?

  • dirty, unrinsed packages
  • gift wrapping paper
  • styrofoam
  • bubble wrap and other plastic cushioning materials
  • plastic bags or boxes.

Download and print the sorting guide for carton packages here.