​​​​​What can be s​orted into glass waste containers?

  • ​coloured and clear glass bottles and jars

Rinse dirty glass bottles and jars with a splash of cold water.
Remove caps and lids. Labels, bottle collars or other fixed parts do not need to be removed.

​Clear and coloured glass are placed into the one and same container. 

​What shoul​d not be sorted into glass waste?

  • drinking glasses
  • heat-resistant glasses (oven pans, coffee pans)
  • crystal glass
  • porcelain and ceramics
  • window glass
  • mirror glass
  • opal glass (is used in some cosmetics packages, for example)
  • lamps. 

The above mentioned types of glass should be sorted into mixed waste, as they are not suitable for the same recycling process as bottles and jars.

For safety reasons, pack broken window or mirror glass into a cardboard package, for example, and into a separate plastic bag before putting it into the waste bin.

​Sort light bulbs and halogen lamps into mixed waste. Deliver energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lights into collection points of electronic or hazardous waste.

Download and print the sorting guide for glass packages here.