Small metal items mostly refer to metal packages. Larger metal objects should be counted as scrap metal.

​What can you sort into the metal waste containers?

​Small meta​l items

  • food and beverage cans
  • aluminium foil and tins
  • metal lids and caps
  • metal casings of tea lights
  • empty and dry paint cans
  • empty aerosol cans (which do not slush or hiss)
  • small metal items that can fit into the container.

Flush the metal packages that had food in them with cold water in order to remove the traces of food.

​Scrap​ metal

  • bicycles: see the operators accepting bicycles under section Elsewhere online
  • sheet metal and gutters
  • metal parts of furniture
  • metal pipes and cables
  • wood-burning sauna heaters
  • metal machines and devices (fuels and oil must be removed first)
  • clean and open barrels.

​What should you not sort into metal waste containers?

  • plastic bags and coffee bags
  • hazardous waste, such as accumulators, batteries and half-empty cans of aerosols or paint
  • electronic devices, such as washing machines, electric stoves, televisions and IT devices.

Download and print the sorting guide for small metal items here.