​Recycled paper consists of paper coming in through the mailbox and paper used for writing and printing.

​What can be sorte​​d into paper waste containers?

  • newspapers and magazines
  • adverts, brochures, postcards
  • envelopes (also those with windows)
  • phone books and product catalogues
  • paperback books
  • hardcover books, if the covers are removed
  • copy paper and printed paper
  • sketch books and notepads
  • white paper bags

Staples and paperclips do not need to be removed.
All materials must be clean and dry.

​What sh​​​ould not be sorted into paper waste?

  • wet or dirty paper
  • cardboard or carton
  • brown paper bags or papers
  • plastic
  • aluminium or wax papers
  • gift wrapping paper.