Clothing and other textiles

Items in good ​condition​

  • Take clothing and textiles that are still usable, intact and clean to cloth collection points. Find closest recycling point. ​

  • Offer them to second hand stores, recycling centres and charity shops.

    • Red Cross, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, Recci, UFF and Fida receives clothing, shoes and bags.

  • Try to sell them online or ask if your friends have use for them.

Items in bad con​dition

Bring end-of-life​ clothing and household linen to our Sortti Station.

What can you sort into the end-of-life-textile containers?

Jackets, trousers, skirts and shirts, as well as sheets, towels and tablecloths are suitable for the collection of waste textiles. Leather jackets and furs are also suitable for collection. The textiles should be dry and packed in plastic bags or sacks to prevent soiling and dampness.

What should you not sort into end-of-life-textile containers?

Extremely smelly textiles, rugs, shoes, bags, belts, lingerie, socks, tights, pillows, blankets, padding or stuffed animals are not accepted as end-of-life textiles. These will be received as mixed waste and will be charged according to the price list.