Recycling points


HSY’s recycling points are passed to RINKI Ltd, the Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd, on 1 January, 2019. Likewise, the name of the recycling points are changed to Rinki eco-points.

Rinki Ltd is now in charge of the maintenance and customer service of the recycling points. Rinki Ltd is also responsible for collecting glass, metal, carton, and plastic packaging waste from the containers at the recycling points. For more information about Rinki Ltd please refer to

Besides large recycling points, there are also some individual collection points available, provided by other organisations, just for paper waste and clothes, still fit for use, in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

In its catchment area, HSY also provides recycling points for hazardous domestic waste on the premises of certain gas stations. Hazardous household waste can also be taken to the Sortti Stations.

The map available at »​ also shows the nearest recycling point.


You can take to the recycling points
• paper
• carton and cardboard, flatten the packages before putting them into their container
• glass bottles and jars. You may dispose of both coloured and clear glass packages in the same collection container.  
• small metal items; but note that the diameter of the filling hole in the collection container is only 20 cm
• usable clothes (some of the recycling points)
• plastic packages, but just at some recycling points.  NB! Plastic packages larger than the filling hole of the collection container and other plastic products must be thrown into the property's mixed waste container. 
Do not leave other waste than the above mentioned types into the recycling points.

You cannot take to the recycling points
• other domestic waste, such as furniture, electrical equipment and renovation waste, to Sortti Stations
• hazardous waste to the hazardous waste containers or Sortti Stations
• batteries and small accumulators to stores selling them, for example convenience stores, or to Sortti Stations.