Brushwood collection

In May, we organise a brushwood collection campaign for small properties (1-9 residential apartments).

Those properties that have received a letter with instructions in the beginning of April may order the pick-up service for the brushwood. A fee is applied to this service. Properties may divide the costs by collecting a shared pile of brushwood. We will charge the pick-up price on the invoice of the property that ordered the service.

​Instructions for co​llection participants

  • Pile the brushwood in a visible place on the border of the property, up to five metres from the road.
  • Ensure that the pile of brushwood stays in one place during the whole collection and that it does not disturb the traffic.
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles around or above the pile, such as tree branches or power lines.

​The collection accepts waste created during p​​runing and cutting trees, such as:

  • brushwood
  • branches and tree trunks
  • hawthorn
  • rose bushes
  • pine and spruce needles.

​Please​ note

  • the size of branches up to six metres and thickness around 20 centimetres
  • do not pack the brushwood or tie them together
  • one collection place can have up to 30 cubic metres of brushwood (large pick-up truck load)

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Additional information from our customer service: tel. +358 9 1561 2110 (Mon-Fri between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.)