Do this, if air quality deteriorates

​Air pollutants may lower the level of air quality to poor or very poor. Pollutants may accumulate in air due to the weather, street dust, exhaust gases or smoke. They can also be carried in with wind currents.

Air pollutants may have a harmful effect on health. Do this, if symptoms occur

  • treat them and medicate yourself
  • go somewhere with cleaner air, indoors or further away from the traffic
  • avoid high-intensity sports outdoors
  • do not pollute the air further through your own actions
  • monitor the air quality and situational description on the HSY pages ».

​How are we prepared for ​​deteriorating air quality?

The environmental authorities notify the citizens of any measures and recommendations if the air quality deteriorates. The objective is to prevent harmful health effects and further deterioration of air quality. HSY will notify the residents about the air quality and about how long and where the air quality is expected to deteriorate.

​The cities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area have an a joint contingency plan for deteriorating air quality. It defines the measures and responsibilities for different air quality -related situations.

​The traffic control plan of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, on the other hand, defines the measures for decreasing exhaust gas emissions

  • intensive communication with drivers and influencing them
  • more extensive Park-and-Ride parking
  • ​free of charge public transport.​

Contingency plan for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area: