Frequently asked questions on disturbances in water distribution

​Before contac​ting us, please ensure that the problem is not caused by repair works in your building. Please also take into account that the property owner is responsible for clearing up any sewer block-ages.

​When I turn the tap on, no water comes out. What should I do?

Leave HSY a notice of defect +358(0)9 1561 3000.

You can call the technical emergency number and report any defects, such as

  • water pipe leakages
  • water supply stoppage
  • leaky water metres.

The number also has a notification of current disturbances, which are being repaired.

​The water is brow​​n, can I use it?

Brownish water is usually due to the rust in the building’s pipes. If this does not occur after a water supply stoppage, you should contact a representative of the housing association, such as the Building Manager or maintenance company.

During the disruption, the quality of water in the water pipe closest to the water meter should be carefully examined in order to see, if there is something wrong with the supplied water.

Rust could stain the laundry and clog​ the tap aerators. If the water becomes clear when you have let it run for a while, it is safe to drink again.

​What should I do​​, if there is no hot water?

The supply of hot water can sometimes disrupt suddenly, and it is often caused by a disturbance in the property’s own heating system or the district heating network. HSY is not responsible for the supply of hot water, and in any defects concerning it, you should contact the company in charge of your property maintenance or district heating.

​Why is drinking water som​etimes greyish and cloudy?

Greyish colour or milky cloudiness in water is air, which erupts from slightly warm water as small bubbles. The water will clear from bottom upwards in a few minutes, if left standing. This phenomenon is natural and harmless. It almost always occurs in hot water.

How much earlier do you announce any breaks in water supply?

Any breaks in water supply are announced at least two days before the break. This is a generally accepted policy. The precise time of a break cannot be estimated many days beforehand. In practice, we have identified that, if announcements were made any earlier, we would often need to issue more specific announcements closer to the break. A break in water supply starts precisely at the time indicated in the announcement. The announced end of the break is an estimate, but generally an accurate one. If there are any significant changes, and the break extends noticeably for any reason, we will issue an announcement as a text message and on our website.

How can you interrupt the supply to day-care centres, service houses or industrial facilities?

According to our terms of delivery,(In Finnish) we have the right to interrupt water supply for maintenance. If the operations of a customer are so critical that there can be no interruptions in water supply, the customer may order a service to pressurise their property so that the interruption goes unnoticed. Outside the cold season, customers can also ask for the supply of water to their property via the surface network. However, this is not always possible and the option will be investigated separately in each case. This service can be ordered via our customer service. A similar service can also be ordered from private service providers, such as Eerola-Yhtiöt. Each customer property is responsible for ordering the service and for covering its costs. Note: These services may only be ordered by the property owner, maintenance company or building manager.

​​​Water damages

When water damage occurs in a property, the first step is to check if the damage was caused by the water fixtures of the property or the water piping. If the cause of the water damage is not found within the property, you should contact HSY to find out if there have been any leakages in public water pipes. The contact information is available in the compensation application instructions (PDF in Finnish)

Sometimes, HSY water pipes are ruptured due to ground movements, such as freezing. If it is determined that the flood was caused by a rupture in our water pipes, we will compensate for the direct property damages caused by the leakage.​