Disturbances of water services and applying for compensation

​​Sometimes sudden disruptions may arise for which the customer can seek compensation from HSY. Our compensation practices are based on current legislation, especially on the Waste Services Act and on HSY Water Services' own general delivery terms and conditions based on that act.

A break in the water supply or deviation of the water quality

Customers will be compensated for a break in the domestic water supply according to the Water Services Act and the general delivery terms and conditions of HSY Water Services. The compensation sum for a disruption of over 12 hours is at least 2 per cent of the customer’s annual basic fee and charge for use. The compensation will be taken into account later in the property’s water invoice, whereupon there is no need to submit a separate application to HSY.

If there is a deviation of the water quality, the customer should first call HSY’s technical emergency number: 09 1651 3000. If the deviation of the water quality has caused personal injuries or material damages, compensation must be applied for separately in writing. The application for compensation should be sent to the address: HSY:n kirjaamo, PL 100, 00066 HSY, or send an email to the address: kirjaamo(at)hsy.fi. For housing companies, we recommend preparing the application collectively via the property manager.

Pipe leak and sewer flooding

When water damage occurs on a property, first it must be checked if the water damage has been caused by the property's sanitaryware or water pipes. If no reason for the water damage can be detected from the property’s side, it is recommended that HSY be contacted to find out whether there has been a leak in HSY’s water mains. You can find the contact information in the instructions for the compensation application. It happens every now and then that our water main breaks due to tectonic movements such as freezing, in which case water can leak on the property.

Instructions for the compensation application (in Finnish).

Water damage may also be caused through sewer flooding. A sewer may be blocked, for example, as a consequence of sand, objects, growth or a fat build-up. If flooding is caused by an indentation or blockage in HSY’s main drain and is not caused through third party actions, HSY is responsible for any property damages caused by flooding.

Flood damage can also be caused through exceptionally heavy rains if the sewer capacity cannot cope with the amount of water. In cases where no cause is found in HSY’s sewer network and the rainfall was so exceptionally heavy that it cannot be required from the water utility to be prepared for such amounts of water with its sewer capacity, HSY is freed from any compensation liabilities.

A damming level, underneath which the connection customer must protect the spaces, is defined in the connection point declaration for each property connected to the water services. According to its delivery terms and conditions, HSY is not responsible for flood damages in spaces underneath the general damming level.

If flooding results from a break in HSY's water pipe or faulty operation of the main drain, we will compensate for the immediate property damages caused by flooding

Damages caused by a loose well lid or pothole caused by leakage

Compensation for damages caused by a loose HSY well lid or by a pothole caused by leakage on the road to a vehicle should be claimed using thisform (in Finnish). HSY repays the damages only against actual costs. If you are first seeking compensation from your own vehicle insurance (kasko), you can apply for compensation from HSY afterwards for an excess and a possible bonus loss.

If the lid damage was caused by a grating well lid (stormwater well or rainwater well), the city is liable for it. In this case, the compensation claim must be directed to the municipality where the damage occurred by contacting the technical authority of that municipality.

Disagreements over compensation

The consumer-customer can direct any disagreement over compensation to The Consumer Disputes Board for a settlement. Before taking the matter to The Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer should be in contact with the Consumer advice of the Local Register Offices.